WordPress Cheatsheet

For all of you who create (or are planning to create) your own WordPress themes. Here’s an excellent cheatsheet that will come in very handy!

Website Statistics

A very important part of running a website is keeping track of how many users you’ve had and where they’re coming from. This helps you work out ways that you can improve your traffic and the quality of that traffic. Before you can analyse your web stats you need some software to collect that information.

Spotify Playlists

I wrote a post a while ago outlining the benefits of the brilliant software Spotify so I thought I would follow it up with a post about the music people are listening to. Another feature of spotify is that you can share your playlists with other people using a simple link. Over at the Carsonified

CSS Backgrounds: Tiling

CSS allows us to do some great things with background images that really can make your layout look excellent. The simplest method of applying a background image is to use tiling. In this quick guide, I’ll go through the basics of using CSS to tile background images.