Software to get things done

I’ve been looking for some good ‘Get Things Done’ (GTD) software for a while now. I’ve looked at loads of different options but nothing has done exactly what I want it to do whilst running on my Windows computer, my Mac and my Android phone and being relatively inexpensive. Here’s a rundown on the software

Testing your site in different browsers

Updates have been a little slow lately, I’ve been working on a new portfolio site and setting up my own Ubuntu server at home (which there will be a guide on sooner or later), I’ve also been working on a few more, longer posts for this site. I’ve also been debating whether to try out

Rad to the power of sick

I found this video the other day and it really makes a good point of how making what you offer different to what everybody else is offering can help it sell, even if what you’re actually selling isn’t different at all.

Google releases video tutorial on Adwords Bidding

Lots of people use Google Adwords to drive targeted traffic to their website. I know from experience when you first log into Adwords it can all be a bit daunting. Now google have released a video guide on how to manage your bidding for each of your keywords to maximise your return on investment. You