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Setting up Postmark with NameCheap

If you run any sort of web app, the chances are you’ll be sending out some sort of transactional email. Whether it’s account verification, password reminders or something else most web based applications do it these days. You may have come across the problem where your perfectly nice emails get marked as spam so the end user never sees them making your application look, well, a bit unprofessional.

This is where Postmark comes in, they say that sending your transactional emails through their API can make them look better to the recieving server so they’re less likely to be marked as spam. What’s more, they even allow you to track how many emails you’ve sent and how many went into the intended recipients spam box. This promise plus the offer of 1000 free emails on registration and at only $1.5 for 1000 emails I decided to test Postmark out on a new application I was working on.

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Easily get javascript libraries using Script SRC

When developing a new site I always like to make sure I use the latest release of my javascript library hosted by Google. Then I just update it to a local version before the site goes live.

Today I came across a great little site that lets you get the links to the latest versions of the most popular javascript libraries quickly and easily.

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Google Font API

I wrote an article a while back on font replacement techniques, this is a quick update about Google’s version of this which is seriously easy to use.

The Google Font API allows you to use any font from their font directory or you can use the font loader to load other fonts which they co-developed with TypeKit.

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Enabling and disabling a text input with a checkbox using jQuery

Enabling and disabling a text input with a checkbox using jQuery

I wanted to make a quick bit of javascript that would enable or disable a text input based on whether a checkbox was checked or not. I thought this might come in handy so I made it into a tutorial and posted it here. This script will work for any amount of checkboxes and text inputs on a page. You can see a working demo of it here.

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