Google Font API

I wrote an article a while back on font replacement techniques, this is a quick update about Google’s version of this which is seriously easy to use. The Google Font API allows you to use any font from their font directory or you can use the font loader to load other fonts which they co-developed

Enabling and disabling a text input with a checkbox using jQuery

I wanted to make a quick bit of javascript that would enable or disable a text input based on whether a checkbox was checked or not. I thought this might come in handy so I made it into a tutorial and posted it here. This script will work for any amount of checkboxes and text

Customizing the WordPress Admin Panel

If you’re creating a website for a client you will normally find they don’t want to learn how to use everything in the WordPress admin panel. They probably hired you so that they didn’t have to learn loads of new stuff and I’m sure what they wanted was a simple admin panel that made updating

WordPress Options Panels

If you’re into creating WordPress themes for yourself, a client or even to sell the chances are you have thought about how you could improve your themes if they had an options page in the WordPress admin panel. This may seem a bit daunting to start with but it really doesn’t have to be, I’ve