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Review: Javascript the definitive guide 6th Edition

This is the first of a new type of post I’ll be adding to my blog. I’ll be reviewing books and possibly some other items that have been of great help to me and that I think other developers will find useful. I won’t just be reviewing things for the sake of it and I’ll be doing my best to be totally objective.

The first book I’ll be reviewing is Javascript The Definitive guide by David Flanagan. First off, this book is huge! (it’s almost 1100 pages).

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Adding your latest tweets to your WordPress blog

A very simple way of keeping the content on your website fresh is to grab your latest tweets from Twitter and display them on your WordPress site. At first it might seem like it could be quite a lot of work to do this. Luckily WordPress has a fantastic community of plugin developers and an easy way of adding new content to certain areas of your site.

You might have guessed that I’m talking about widgets here. If you don’t know what widgets in WordPress are you could check out my other article on adding widgets to your WordPress site and also have a look at what the official WordPress site has to say on widgets.

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Adding widgets to your WordPress theme

In WordPress, widgets allow you to add content to special areas of your theme without having to modify any code. If your theme is ‘widgetized’ you can use the built in drag and drop functionality built into WordPress to add new content and move content around on your site. Widgets make it really easy to add things like a ‘latest tweets’ box or a custom menu to any widget area in your theme.

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Child themes in WordPress

In WordPress a child theme is simply a theme that inherits style and functionality from it’s parent theme. All you really need to create a child theme is a style.css file in the themes directory of your WordPress installation. This quick article will show you situations in which child themes might be useful and how to create them.

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