Use IE6 and IE7 on the same computer

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to test your websites in older versions of internet explorer such as IE6, IE5, IE4 or even IE3 but couldn’t because you installed IE7 then I have the perfect program for you. Multiple IE installs internet explorer from IE3 right up to IE6 (you can install IE7 yourself) in

CSS Fonts

One of the most important but overlooked aspects of a web design is the typography. The fonts you use and how you present those fonts can really make or break your website design. Thankfully you can use CSS to really make your fonts look great!

Are you backing up your blog?

I just had to get this post up after today. We’ve been doing work for a guy for about 2 years now on one of his websites. Anyway we get in one morning and his site has been hacked, all the main content had been replaced with some javascript that loaded an iframe. He asked

Essential Reads #1 – SmashingMagazine

My new idea for a new blog post that people might find useful is essential reads. Basically this section will contain links to sites that I use everyday to find useful; links, guides and information that I think have made me a better developer. The first site in this series is SmashingMagazine. This website, in