Free WYSIWYG editors

As a developer, there will inevitably be a time when you have to use a WYSIWYG editor in one of your projects. There are a huge range of these editors that all have good and bad bits and that all have different price ranges. In this roundup, I’ve decided to only include the ones that cost my favourite price, FREE!!











Free Rich Text Editor


If you know of another WYSIWYG editors that should be listed here, leave a comment and I’ll get it up!

  • Spot Cool Tech

    I don’t know of any other free WYSIWYG editors, but I have tried out four of the ones you listed (EWELive was new to me) and TinyMCE is the best of them, I think. It’s really great.

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  • Adam

    There is no form on your contact page. I wanted to get in touch to ask if you had a replacement image, because the one I link to on TalkPHP is invalid, and so no image is being displayed.

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  • jlbraaten

    These are a great resource for those unfamiliar with HTML. Heck, even those that know it could benefit. Nice post.

    jlbraatens last blog post..Choosing Content for a Usable Website

  • Web Dev Rob

    Just a note on CKEditor – it’s now had a bit of major update – looks loads betetyr than the one in your post and has tons more functions.