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New Mini App – What 2 Watch

I had a free few hours the other day so I decided to build a nice little app that popped into my head. The idea came from watching films on Netflix. For those of you who have never used Netflix, they rate the films based on how much they think you’ll like them rather than on how good they actually are. Conversely, sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes let their users rate how good they think a film is.

While I think the idea behind the rating system is a good one, sometimes it can be a bit hit and miss. I have found that the ratings get better the more films you rate but it’s still not perfect. Normally I find the ratings on IMDB to be a better indicator of how good a film is, yes there are a few films that are rated lower then I would personally rate them and there are others that are rated much higher than I think they deserve.

Now, on to the idea behind the app. When it comes to watching a film on Netflix, I’ll normally browse through some of the films and end up with maybe four or five that I quite fancy watching. Then I search for each one on IMDB to check what it’s about and what its rating is. Sometimes I get muddles up and have to re-check the first one or I end up with a load of tabs open and it’s just not the most usable method ever. (Also, yes I have tried a few Chrome extensions that show the IMDB rating of a film but they’re a bit slow and you can still only check one film at a time)

Now, What 2 Watch (if anybody can think of a better name, I’d love to hear it) allows you to enter all of the films you’re thinking of watching into the search box (there is autocomplete added too, so you don’t have to type the full name of a film with a really long title!). Once you’ve entered your films you click the ‘Check Films’ button and let the app do its stuff.

What it will return is all of the films you entered (the ones that it could find anyway) ordered by their IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings (See the ordering section for more on how this is worked out), along with the individual RT and IMDB ratings, a brief synopsis of the film and the poster image for each film. The idea is to give you a single page with all of the information you need to decide which film to watch. There’s also a link to the film on IMDB just in case you want more info.


At the minute the order is calculated by adding together the IMDB and RT ratings. As IMDB ratings are out of 10 and RT ratings are out of 5 there is more weight given to IMDB than RT. I’m pretty happy with how this seems to work at the minute but since I think I’m the only person that’s actually used this site so far actually used this app so far, I’d love to hear other peoples opinion on this.


Like I said above, this app was created in a few hours and was built because it was something I thought I would find useful. If you have any ideas for cool features that would make it better or if you find a bug, add a comment to this article or get in touch with me through the contact page on this site.