My favorite iPhone applications

For my first post of this year (a bit late, I know) I thought I would go over some of my favorite iPhone applications. Maybe I’ll mention one you haven’t heard of that could turn out to be useful. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments if you think there is an app I’ve missed. These are just listed in the order I have on my phone, I normally try to put the ones I use most first but you might find you would have them in a completely different order!

Dropbox – Free

Not only is this (in my view) an essential iPhone app but it is an essential app to use on OSX, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android and probably more. Dropbox allows you to sync a folder with the web so that you can access the files on any computer you have Dropbox installed on. It also does a load of other things such as allowing you to retrieve deleted files. Head over to the Dropbox site to see a full description of what the application does.

The Dropbox iPhone app lets you access all of the files in your Dropbox from anywhere. It’s also a great way of getting PDF files onto your iPhone which can sometimes be a pain.

Instapaper – Free / $4.99

I’m sure I’m not the only developer (and probably other professions) that has an RSS reader full of really interesting articles just waiting to be read that I never seem to get around to reading. This is where Instapaper gets useful. Once you have signed up you can add a ‘Read Later’ button to your browser, simply go to an article you want to keep for later and click this button. Instapaper will add the articles you choose and next time you open up the app whilst you have a wifi connection it will save nice easy to read versions of the article onto your phone that you can open and read whenever you get a free minute no matter where you are!

Reeder – $2.99

Pretty simple this one. Reeder is the best looking, easy to use, feature packed RSS reader I have found for the iPhone. It works in unison with my Google Reader account (which I use on my desktop). Plus you can save straight to Instapaper from it!

They are also working on a version for the Mac.

Wunderlist – Free

Wunderlist is a very good to do list application that has versions for Windows, Mac and iPhone. All of your items are synced via the web so you can have multiple instances running in unison.

They have been adding a lot of new features lately which worries me a bit because I hope they don’t go the way of a lot of other to do list apps by trying to do so much that it becomes a bit of a pain to use. So far though everything works very well and looks great so maybe I’m being a tad harsh there.

Instagram – Free

Instagram is a nifty little app that lets you take photo’s, add a cool filter to them and then share them with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and some other places.

Whilst not really helping with productivity like the other apps I’ve mentioned, I think Instagram deserves a mention for being so much fun.

Hopefully those apps will give you something new to try out and like I said before feel free to add your own in the comments, I’m sure there are hundreds of great apps that I’ve missed!

  • Ian

    I agree with dropbox. Its essential for me on iphone and ipad.

  • Hotels in Singapore

    Wunderlist is a very good for me because he gives many features in hand.

  • Droid Accessories

    Nice list. Haven’t heard of some of these. There are so many APPS to choose from – probably too many. I would add the “Find My Phone” app. If you misplace your phone you can text a code and your phone will ring even if it’s on vibrate. If your phone gets stolen you can remotely disable features like contacts, calls, etc… to minimize damage to your friends and wallet.

  • Alex

    Dropbox, really looks cool and I can already thing of a TODO list which you save on a server then you can update it in realtime by sincronyzing it over your computer and iPhone.