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Top WordPress plugins

Although wordpress is a fantastic blogging platform, the thing that makes it really amazing is the amount of extras or plugins that are available for it. You can make wordpress do pretty much anything you want using these plugins. This post contains a list of my favourite wordpress plugins. If you think I’ve missed something that should be on this list, leave a comment or get it touch with me using the contact page.

Backup WordPress

I put this one first because it seriously is the most inportant plugin of all if you’re going to put any sort of effort into your blog.

You could lose the content of your blog at any time, for a million different reasons. Anything from hacking to a host problem, or even simple human error can see you lose your months or years of hard work in seconds. Backup WordPress is a handy (and free)

plugin that will automatically backup your database or your whole site at regular intervals. You can also do a manual backup anytime you fancy. It will even email you the backups!

Setting Backup WordPress up is as simple as all wordpress plugins and requires minimal configuration. So dont risk losing your data, back it up!

BackUp WordPress

Comment Luv

I’ve mentioned this plugin on my blog before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Comment Luv encourages users to post on your blog by showing a link to their latest bog post underneath their comment. This plugin is great for increasing user interactivity with your site.


Comment Rellish

This plugin is good for getting users that have commented on your blog to come back. The first time someone posts a comment on your forum, it sends them an email saying whatever you want. I reccommed saying thanks for their comment and asking them to

check back to the site every now and again.

The best thing about this plugin is that it will only send them an email the first time they comment, so they wont get angry about being bombarded with emails if they post on your blog a few times!

Comment Relish


This plugin comes bundled with wordpress as default, make sure you have it activated! It checks every trackback, comment and pingback on your blog to make sure its all legit and there’s no spam. If you have a popular blog it can save you hours and hours of trawling through spam.


All in one SEO

The All in one SEO plugn does exactly what it says. It provides pretty much everything you need to optimise your blog for search engines, and it’s even better when you combine it with other SEO plugins such as the sitemap generator below.

Some of its features include:

All in one SEO

Google XML Sitemaps Generator

This plugin will automatically generate an XML sitemap of your website. Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines all love XML sitemaps which means they can easily find and list every one of your pages in their search engines. The sitemap generator will even rebuild your sitemap when you create a new post and it will ping Google, MSN and Yahoo to tell them that the sitemap has been altered so they should re-spider it!

Google XML Sitemap Generator