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Adding your latest tweets to your WordPress blog

A very simple way of keeping the content on your website fresh is to grab your latest tweets from Twitter and display them on your WordPress site. At first it might seem like it could be quite a lot of … Continue reading

Adding widgets to your WordPress theme

In WordPress, widgets allow you to add content to special areas of your theme without having to modify any code. If your theme is ‘widgetized’ you can use the built in drag and drop functionality built into WordPress to add … Continue reading

Child themes in WordPress

In WordPress a child theme is simply a theme that inherits style and functionality from it’s parent theme. All you really need to create a child theme is a style.css file in the themes directory of your WordPress installation. This … Continue reading

Customizing the WordPress Admin Panel

If you’re creating a website for a client you will normally find they don’t want to learn how to use everything in the WordPress admin panel. They probably hired you so that they didn’t have to learn loads of new … Continue reading