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jQuery Tagging Plugins

If you have an application where people add a lot of data, organising this data to make it easy for people to find what they want can be difficult. One simple solution that can make organising and finding this data … Continue reading

Easily get javascript libraries using Script SRC

When developing a new site I always like to make sure I use the latest release of my javascript library hosted by Google. Then I just update it to a local version before the site goes live. Today I came … Continue reading

Enabling and disabling a text input with a checkbox using jQuery

I wanted to make a quick bit of javascript that would enable or disable a text input based on whether a checkbox was checked or not. I thought this might come in handy so I made it into a tutorial … Continue reading

Javascript Confirm Box

A lot of developers have found that users can sometimes click links without thinking, this is not normally too harmful unless the button does something like delete a record from a database. That is why a lot of sites use … Continue reading