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New look online

I decided to change the look of this site a bit, the aim is to make it really easy to read with very few distractions. No doubt I’ll be tweaking things here and there because there are still bits I’m … Continue reading

New Mini App – What 2 Watch

I had a free few hours the other day so I decided to build a nice little app that popped into my head. The idea came from watching films on Netflix. For those of you who have never used Netflix, … Continue reading

Last chance for bindrr invites

If you read this blog now and again you might have noticed me write about a new app I’ve been working on called bindrr (you might also have seen it was featured on betali.st!). Basically, it’s an app that will … Continue reading

My favorite iPhone applications

For my first post of this year (a bit late, I know) I thought I would go over some of my favorite iPhone applications. Maybe I’ll mention one you haven’t heard of that could turn out to be useful. Feel … Continue reading