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  1. My favorite iPhone applications


    For my first post of this year (a bit late, I know) I thought I would go over some of my favorite iPhone applications. Maybe I’ll mention one you haven’t heard of that could turn out to be useful. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments if you think there is an app I’ve missed. These are just listed in the order I have on my phone, I normally try to put the ones I use most first but you might find you would have them in a completely different order!


  2. Easily get javascript libraries using Script SRC

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    When developing a new site I always like to make sure I use the latest release of my javascript library hosted by Google. Then I just update it to a local version before the site goes live.

    Today I came across a great little site that lets you get the links to the latest versions of the most popular javascript libraries quickly and easily.


  3. Google Font API

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    I wrote an article a while back on font replacement techniques, this is a quick update about Google’s version of this which is seriously easy to use.

    The Google Font API allows you to use any font from their font directory or you can use the font loader to load other fonts which they co-developed with TypeKit.


  4. Rad to the power of sick

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    I found this video the other day and it really makes a good point of how making what you offer different to what everybody else is offering can help it sell, even if what you’re actually selling isn’t different at all.