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Design resources for developers

As a developer, I find it really easy to picture in my head how a system should work, how the code should be structured etc but I must admit I do sometimes struggle to make my creations aesthetically appealing. Luckily … Continue reading

Free Stuff From MediaLoot

If you haven’t already come across it, Media Loot is a coming soon site that will allow you to subscribe for access to loads of icons and other web design resources instead of paying for every set you use.

WordPress Cheatsheet

For all of you who create (or are planning to create) your own WordPress themes. Here’s an excellent cheatsheet that will come in very handy!

My Favourite Free Icon Sets

I decided to compile a list of the icon sets I use most when creating websites. This isn’t the longest or most comprehensive list ever but rather than pad the list out with lots of other sets, I just wanted … Continue reading