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Software to manage code snippets

If you’re a professional developer or even if programming is a hobby for you, having some software to manage the bits of code you use regularly can be very time saving. I’d hate to know how much time I’ve wasted … Continue reading

Setting up Postmark with NameCheap

If you run any sort of web app, the chances are you’ll be sending out some sort of transactional email. Whether it’s account verification, password reminders or something else most web based applications do it these days. You may have … Continue reading

Easily get javascript libraries using Script SRC

When developing a new site I always like to make sure I use the latest release of my javascript library hosted by Google. Then I just update it to a local version before the site goes live. Today I came … Continue reading

Website Statistics

A very important part of running a website is keeping track of how many users you’ve had and where they’re coming from. This helps you work out ways that you can improve your traffic and the quality of that traffic. … Continue reading