Flexigrid with asp (version 2)

After some users reported problems using my flexigrid with asp and IE I decided to redo some of the code to fix it.

Basically the problem was that when the JSON code generated it is supposed to add a comma (,) to the end of every line apart from the last one. My code put a comma at the end of every line including the last one. Firefox realises this and fixes the problem while IE just dies and wont show the content. All I did was added a quick if statement to the end of the line that checks to see if it’s the last record retrieved from the database or not and sticks the comma on the end if it has to.

Flexigrid with ASP

I’ve also been working with flexigrid at work as part of an application I’m making which populates the flexigrid with data users have entered using online forms and PDAs. This presented the problem that people dont always enter alpha numeric characters and flexigrid doesn’t seem to like this so I added a function called cleanup that will remove all non alpha numeric characters from your data before it kills flexigrid. This is also included in the new distro. And as a side note, I have had flexigrid working with 3500 records from a Sybase database a work without any problems.


The flexigrid site has now moved to here. If you have any questions to do with the javascript or flexigrid functionality then ask there. If it is a problem with the ASP then you can ask on this site.

I don’t have a demo of the ASP version online at the minute due to me not having any ASP hosting any more, I’ll do my best to find somewhere to get it online. If you would like to host the demo please get in touch with me.


Hasan from hasankoroglu.com kindly offered to host the demo for the Flexigrid with ASP on his server since I don’t have an ASP server any more. You can check out the demo of the Flexigrid with ASP on Hasan’s website by clicking here.


You can download the latest version of ASP Flexigrid here.

  • Jose

    Thx a lot for the samples… it has been very useful, so, thanks for share it.
    Just a question, is there any way of doing a colum data with hyperlink?
    Sorry, but I haven’t found it neither flexigrid documentation not in json.

    Thanks in advance

  • Jose

    Sorry, I’ve found it…


    Thx anyway

  • Konstantinos

    Thank you for your great work.
    Just a quick question. I am using response.charset=iso-8859-7 (for greek language)
    and eventhough the greek letters appear correctly the grid does not display any results when i use search. I tried to see if the javascript was taking the value in another charset but using alerts i found that the value it searches stays the same in greek. However no results appear. can you help me ? thnx again!

  • Konstantinos

    i found it…
    it was an encoding issue in jquery.js
    Solved it :)

  • BSanders

    The link to your demo page is invalid. Would you please correct the link? When I download the samples, it works fine except for “rows per page” – when you sort on a column, the rows per page setting is ignored.

  • foobar

    Hi James,

    would you be kind enough to provide a link to see the demo.

    Many thanks

  • http://www.sigmawidgets.com Ruru

    Hello James,
    Your ajax grid demo link broke!!?

  • http://www.jamesowers.co.uk James

    Ok guys. The demo is working again now.

  • David

    Great example. Do you happen to have a asp.net c# example or know a site that might?

  • Lakes


    Was very excited to find your blog about Flexigrid V2. Exactly what I need. The links don’t seem to be working for the demo or the download.

    Are they still available or can you send me the proper links?

    Much appreciated!!

  • http://www.jamesowers.co.uk James

    Hi, If you try and download the file again it should work.

    I’ll have to find a new place to host the demo because I dont have asp hosting any more.

    Jamess last blog post..Automatically published articles with WordPress

  • Peter

    Hi James
    Do have some example code using Flexigrid with asp.net and json. I will need to update the grid periodically probably from an ashx page.


  • Peter

    Sorry I forgot to mention I’m using C#

  • Lakes


    Tried the link again – Thanks!

    Had to DL it on a Windows machine since it was a .RAR file. Looking forward to working with it.

    Thanks again!!!

  • Jiri

    Hi, I tried to see your demo page but that link doesn’t work again. And http://codeigniter.com/forums/viewreply/380339/ doesn’t work too.


  • Andy H

    So far I’ve found two different links that state this grid works, but each one goes to a bad URL. Anyone know of a site that works for ASP?

  • rwg

    Thank you for your code!!!!

  • RW

    Hi and thanks you for your code.
    I would like add a “window.location” on a double click on a row.
    Can you help me ?
    thanks a lot

  • Peter

    Has anyone gotten Flexigrid to work with asp.net. When I try using it with asp.net the page just keeps saying processing please wait and nothing happens.

  • http://www.mrsoftware.com.ar Miguel

    Thx a lot for the samples… it has been very useful, so, thanks for share it.

    Thanks in advance

  • Kumaran


    Sorry to say. I am using asp.net. How can I use the FlexiGrid? I have in Table format data. Please help me…
    Thanks in Advance

  • Kln

    How can I use the FlexiGrid in asp.net?
    I want to a sample.
    Thanks in Advance

  • ffffff

    How can I do it with asp.net framework 2.0??????

  • ffffff

    How can I do it with asp.net framework 2.0??????
    with vb or C#

  • J. Blanton

    Any idea on how to implement with asp.net 2.0?


  • http://www.jamesowers.co.uk Jmz

    Sorry, I don’t know how to do it with ASP.NET. If I find the code to do it, I’ll post it up.

  • Teo

    Seems that i can’t add or delete rows in your demo ..
    Also do you know how to add edit function on this?
    Thank you

  • http://www.hasankoroglu.com Hasan Köroğlu

    I can host your flexigrid asp demo on my server. Please send your example to my email address.

  • Igor

    How can it work wtih WebServices in .net, that is to say from a XML result?

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  • carl

    How to replace the ‘pager’ position to header or top area?

  • carl

    I found something weird when I click ‘First Name’ column, then there is a lot more data.

  • carl

    I sorted it out. The problems is the mdb database downloaded. I changed my own sql server then it works well. Thanks a lot guys

  • Azazi

    Hi as of lot of people want this to work in asp.net

    i have just transformed it into .net 2.0 using generic handler..

    download link : http://www.fileuploading.net/218206

    i have not developed any thing just transformed it to .net 2.0

    if the link is broken or you are unable to download it some how.. please drop me a mail
    on sameerazazi87@gmail.com

    hope this will help you people.