Flexigrid with asp

***This version is an outdated version of my script which has some display errors with IE. Please take a look at asp with flexigrid V2.***

I came across a pretty nifty script called Flexigrid. Basically it allows you to take information from a database using JSON or XML and display it on a pretty nifty grid with search, pagination, sorting and some other cool features.

Anyway, all of the examples use PHP to generate the XML or JSON so I decided to do it in ASP using a microsoft access database.

Download link removed. Please see the updated post here.

You can also visit the flexigrid website here.

  • Tree

    Thanks for this :-)

  • Roberto

    Hi, thank so much for this code! Well, I tried to run this code at my machine ( I didn’t changed nothing, just unzipped and run) and it isn’t run om my IE only om my Firefox. Can you please help me?

  • Roberto

    Sorry, I forgot to say: my IE is version 6. And the problem is that this code show the total number of records (50000), displaying 1 to 15 but dosen’t show the records inside the table. Thank you!

  • http://www.robertomiguez.com.br Roberto

    I tried to do some tests and I found this: when the sortname is id the IE give an error message (id is null or not a object) and when and change to other value like firstname or lastname the page freeze and I need close the IE. The page stay at http://www.robertomiguez.com.br/flexgrid/default.asp

  • http://www.jamesowers.co.uk James

    Sorry about that Roberto. The problem is to do with the json code that is generated. I’ve fixed it but haven’t had a chance to upload the changes. I’ll get the new stuff online today for you.

    James’s last blog post..Diversifying My Blog

  • http://www.robertomiguez.com.br Roberto

    You are great! I really need this working. Please if have a chance please send the modification by e-mail to me (robertocsmiguez@gmail.com). Thank you so much!

  • http://www.robertomiguez.com.br Roberto

    Ok, I found the error and now is correct. Is juts about the comma at the end of the JSON file. Thank you for your help.

  • Idowu

    How dow i get this to work for asp.net

  • http://www.jamesowers.co.uk James

    I’m pretty much a novice with asp.net so I wouldn’t really be able to do something like this.

    If somebody has created something like this for asp.net let me know and I’ll be happy to add it to the site.

    James’s last blog post..Essential Reads #1 – SmashingMagazine

  • Nimrod


    Thank you for providing the ASP version of the FlexiGrid. I just have a problem on using the Quick Search feature. How do I have to call the Search function?


  • http://www.jamesowers.co.uk James

    What is the problem you’re having? As long as you have the correct fields listed in the javascript it should just work.

    Also just a quick note to remind people that this was V1 of the script, there are some errors with IE6 not displaying data.

    V2 has these errors fixed: http://jamesowers.co.uk/asp-tutorials/63/flexigrid-with-asp-version-2/

    James’s last blog post..CSS Fonts

  • wzhyu

    hi,thanks u ,for u demo.but i have a problem.
    how i can add a url in cell,such as “this grid is prowerful grid”.it will be title,then ,i click this title, it will skip new page.show detailed information of this title.

    thanks again

  • André

    Thank you for your code source. I help me for my job. It’s faboulous for me.
    Sorry for my poor english. I’m french.


  • André

    In my flexigrid, I’ve some checkboxes. I want to create a chexkbox who select all, and put them in my database.
    Thanks for your help


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  • Abc

    hi my problem is whenever i try to display more than 250 records using flexigrid, script crashes or it dosen’t show the records inside the table.

  • http://www.sigmawidgets.com Ruru

    Thank you for your work. Such a nice script, Such a nice ajax grid.

  • Coco

    Hi, I’m new to the Flexigrid. I’ve a question on how to capture the table toggle button. With this feature, I can show/hide the table. If I hide the table, I want to adjust other UI’s height. Is there a way I can capture the event?


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  • girish

    good work man… But will you please provide some help for using it in .net? I am tryin it for long time now..

  • Jan

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    any samples for calling a web service to populate data in asp.net?

  • Jan

    any samples in asp.net calling web service to call dataset or xml to populate in the client side?

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  • http://www.uwsp.edu/athletics/mbb/roster.htm Team Roster

    Best you could edit the page name Flexigrid with asp and json to something more suited for your content you write. I loved the blog post nevertheless.

  • Mauricio Lisboa

    Does not work with jQuery 1.4