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New look online

I decided to change the look of this site a bit, the aim is to make it really easy to read with very few distractions. No doubt I’ll be tweaking things here and there because there are still bits I’m not 100% happy with but I thought it would be good just to get the new look online.

New Mini App – What 2 Watch

I had a free few hours the other day so I decided to build a nice little app that popped into my head. The idea came from watching films on Netflix. For those of you who have never used Netflix, they rate the films based on how much they think you’ll like them rather than on how good they actually are. Conversely, sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes let their users rate how good they think a film is.

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Last chance for bindrr invites

If you read this blog now and again you might have noticed me write about a new app I’ve been working on called bindrr (you might also have seen it was featured on betali.st!). Basically, it’s an app that will help you store and manage all of your recipes in one easy to use (and search) place. I mainly decided to build the app because I’d use it myself so hopefully some other users will find it useful too!

I’m pretty happy with how the app is coming along and it’s almost ready to open to the public. I’m planning on sending out the first batch of invites out next month so if you think you’d like to try this app out then head over to bindrr and sign up for an invite if you haven’t already.

Software to manage code snippets

If you’re a professional developer or even if programming is a hobby for you, having some software to manage the bits of code you use regularly can be very time saving. I’d hate to know how much time I’ve wasted through having to find a code snippet I’ve used before that I know is on the internet somewhere! If only I’d have saved the code somewhere last time I used it.

In this post I’m going to cover some free and premium programs you can use to manage your code snippets to save you time in the future. This is quite a long post because there are a lot of options for this kind of software, I’ve tried to cover as many as I can. If you think I’ve missed a good one or if you just want to add your input on which ones you like best and why you can do so in the comments after the article. Maybe I’ll do an in depth look at the most popular ones in another article.

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