AngularJS: An introduction

This blog post will be the first in a series I’m writing on AngularJS. The series will hopefully be a gentle introduction into the AngularJS framework, covering the most important aspects of the framework. By the end you should have a firm grasp of Angular.

Review: Javascript the definitive guide 6th Edition

This is the first of a new type of post I’ll be adding to my blog. I’ll be reviewing books and possibly some other items that have been of great help to me and that I think other developers will find useful. I won’t just be reviewing things for the sake of it and I’ll

Adding your latest tweets to your WordPress blog

A very simple way of keeping the content on your website fresh is to grab your latest tweets from Twitter and display them on your WordPress site. At first it might seem like it could be quite a lot of work to do this. Luckily WordPress has a fantastic community of plugin developers and an

Adding widgets to your WordPress theme

In WordPress, widgets allow you to add content to special areas of your theme without having to modify any code. If your theme is ‘widgetized’ you can use the built in drag and drop functionality built into WordPress to add new content and move content around on your site. Widgets make it really easy to